A fun way to engage friends, family and coworkers in the safety of their own homes, from anywhere with an internet connection!

mixology & cocktail classes

based in Chicago, IL


approachable • interactive • unpretentious

The perfect balance of hands-on guidance and creative freedom

Learn the “how” and “why” behind proven mixology techniques,
and how to use simple cocktail recipes as a template to
create your very own drink variations.

It’s easy (and fun), we promise.

experiment with a variety of
local & unique ingredients

– and –

learn concepts that will
enhance your drinking experience
at home and at your favorite bars

In-person classes held in and around Chicago

Don’t have a venue?

Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to secure one!


Or “mix-in-place” with a
Virtual Mixology Class

Experience the virtual event Ernst & Young, Intel, HPE, and many others can’t get enough of!
(they’ve asked us back more than once)

Available for participants anywhere in the world!

to find the virtual class tier that works for your group

[and ask us about our partnered events, including trivia, DJs, painting, and more!]


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